The enigma of Barrow 14 continues… – Daily Dig Diary #9

Enduring the heat, our team of volunteers has been soldiering on with Barrow 14.


Barrow 14 continues to puzzle with new, and not always interesting features.

This dark spot for example:

While we hoped it would reveal something exciting, it turned out to be a tree hole – organic remnants of where a tree once grew. Oh well, moving on…


Barrow 14 has also thrown up a couple more features to investigate.

Dr Nick Thorpe of the University of Winchester will be looking at the darker stripe seen in this picture (just above Wayne’s shadow!)

This is at Bronze Age level in the excavations.


This assemblage of stones in the middle of the barrow might also indicate something more:

These are stones of varying types, including flint and sandstone, which have been deliberately placed. Who knows if they mark a significant location? We intend to find out….


This is where we leave the Heath for today, but do make sure to keep an eye out tomorrow for some more big news…..


**shameless cliffhanger**