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    • are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on your computer’s hard disk
    • are used to record details of pages that you have visited on our websites to provide us with generic and impersonal usage statistics that allow us to improve our website and to provide information that may interest our visitors
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We use cookies only to gather anonymous information on visitors to our site so that we may adapt and develop content that we hope will better meet visitors’ needs.

You can read more about cookies, including how to accept, reject or delete them, on the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The EU’s Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive has introduced new guidance on the handling of cookies. It is our understanding that the UK Information Commissioner’s Office has indicated that websites may rely on the implied consent of visitors to their website, regarding the acceptance of cookies, and we therefore do not plan to introduce any additional ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ functionality at present. In the event that further, more detailed, guidance is provided then we will of course ensure that we are fully compliant.