Holes in one! – Daily Dig Diary #13

We’ve reached Daily Dig Diary Number 13! Unlucky for some, but not for us as we catch up with more activity from the Heath.


Back on Barrow 19 (the one with all the urns!) work continues on digging out the ancient pits in the centre of the barrow.


Volunteer Sally in a ditch

Volunteer Sally demonstrates the depth of the ditch in Barrow 19


Who knows what we might find?


Actually, what we were not expecting to find was this:


The small white blob in the middle of this picture is a golf ball! Buried about 2 feet under the earth, it must have been lost down an animal hole in a game from years past….


Going back even further into the past, this picture shows the Mesolithic floor mentioned in yesterday’s entry.



Here you can see Mesolithic flints in situ, as they were left 9,000 years ago. Amazing.

Nick and his team will continue to work on this section of the Heath over the coming week, and we hope to demonstrate that this is one of the most prolific Mesolithic sites in the whole country.


And on that bombshell…. see you tomorrow!