Barrow 1 Ditch – Daily Dig Diary #11

Back on Barrow 1 today for the first rainy day of this excavation! (Although I think this may have been some relief for some of our volunteers compared to last week’s heat!)

The news today is that the ditch surrounding Barrow 1 is bigger than expected – much bigger.

This epic ditch is an enormous 2.5-3m deep, many times bigger than anything else we have found on the Heath so far. The photo simply does not do it justice.

Coupled with the fact that Barrow 1 is also the largest on the Heath, it must have made a pretty impressive sight when it was newly constructed.


Today, we would also like to introduce Charlie….

A regular visitor to Barrow 1, he spends the day getting under the diggers’ feet and searching for food on the excavation debris!

A tiny mascot for the biggest barrow.





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